new york city

i got lost here this weekend.
i. love. it.
my heart is full; mu cup runneth over.



if i had my own dance class , i would have two rules:

1. no cell phones
2. proper dance attire (no jeans, no flip flops)


i drive in the HOV lane every morning.
those things are so overrated.
what are they for? to reward those who carpool and, thus, "decrease" pollution?
it's bull; therefore, i drive in the HOV lane every morning.


Dear Rachel,

the only reason i've added a new blog is because i know you were looking for it. you're welcome. thanks for being my one audience member. let's talk books soon and very soon. i bought a new toni morrison book--jazz. want to read it with me?

your friend,
olivia (ms. carter)


life [go]als

1) go back to school: i miss being a student.
options: mtsu- masters in english; vanderbilt- masters in creative writing
HOW ABOUT BOTH???? i think yes. i have to take the GRE first and score high enough to impress vanderbilt. i can do it.


a dis[cove]ry

i realized last night while watching prince caspian that i have a crush on mr. tummus. i genuinely missed his presence.
p.s. go see the movie. so good.


la muerte

my best friend's grandmother passed away on saturday. she flew in from d.c. this morning to attend the visitation and funeral; therefore, i opted to drive to carthage for the afternoon/evening in order to spend some much needed time (it's been two months!!) with her at the funeral home. what a lovely evening it was. we shared tears, laughter, secrets, smiles, hugs, advice, etc. all in just a few short hours.
her dad said something lovely about his mother who had just passed away that i want to remember forever:
"i am sad that she could not live forever with a good quality of life. but that is selfish."
that's all.
pray for jen and her family. i always pray that the hurting person is granted the ability to grieve fully. that is important. it's part of living and growing. grief kills. then all we can do is be born again. growth is good.